The answer is generally “NO”. The rescues are run by volunteers who, like you, have families, have jobs and have lives outside of the rescue itself. Even so, you will find that the leaders of each rescue work hours upon hours a day trying to help get animals to safety as well as provide support for their existing network of fosters/adopters. You know the old adage, “there is not enough time in the day”? Well, this sentiment has never been truer than it is with rescue. Given our limited resources, we are more productive doing the above as opposed to reading through the threads hoping to find someone who may have an interest in helping. Therefore, if you are posting for someone to contact you, YOU WILL BE WAITING A LONG TIME. All potential adopters/fosters must take the initiative to proactively contact a rescue directly when looking to pull a dog or cat. Again, this is where UrgentPart2 is invaluable as they can direct you to the websites and proper contacts to make this happen.