The rescue will work with each foster in an effort to find their adoptable dogs a loving forever home. However, we need your help if we are going to be successful as YOU WILL KNOW THE DOG BEST. Therefore, we ask that you provide the rescue with pictures (preferably those that show their personality – with children, other animals, etc.), videos and biographies. We have an advertising form which we ask every foster to fill out which can help focus you on what is important to include in the biography.

There are many variables that effect the time frame for getting a dog adopted. Some dogs go from foster to forever home within just a few weeks, others may take a few months depending on their needs (health and behavioral). The bottom line is that we rely on you as much as you rely on us to help advertise and screen potential adopters for our pets. We want to ensure that every pet adoption is a successful one and ask that if you choose to foster a dog for us, that you understand that the commitment is not finite and you are expected to care for that animal for as long as they need, no matter how long that may be.