I always found this part to be similar to how I feel right before a big event – nervous and excited, both at the same time! Here is what you need to do to prepare:

  1. Get a collar (harness if it is a small dog) and a lead;
  2. Get a crate, big enough where the dog/cat can turn-around, stand up and stretch out but not so big that they feel overwhelmed. The rescue/pet store can help you get the right size;
  3. Get water/food bowls and figure out where the dog/cat is going to be fed. If you have other dogs, they should be fed away from them, at least initially (see Two Week Shutdown and Dog-to-Dog intros doc for more on this);
  4. Get dog/cat food – I usually buy both wet and dry food. We don’t really know what these animals are used to eating and, moreover, we don’t know how good/bad their teeth may be. Hard kibble may be difficult for a geriatric animal or one whose teeth are loose due to injury;
  5. Purchase a dog/cat bed (if using) and any grooming supplies you think you will need;
  6. Most importantly, read our Two Week Shutdown and Dog-to-Dog (Cat) Intro’s document. Very important!!!!