We hear this time and time again and while I would like to say that this never happens, it unfortunately does. It is one of the reasons why it is suggested you apply to at least three rescues when looking to pull a dog or cat. Some things you can do to aid the process:

  1. Once you submit your application, send an email to Urgent Part 2 and let them know who you submitted to and for which animal you submitted. They may be able to help with the follow-up or at least provide you with a direct contact to reach out to yourself;
  2. Go on to each rescue’s Facebook page and private message them. Let them know you submitted an application, give them the name and ID number of the dog/cat you are looking to pull AND where they are located (NYC-Brooklyn-Staten Island). BE SURE TO PROVIDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION;
  3. BE WARY OF PEOPLE OFFERING TO HELP YOU VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE. This is hypocritical of me to write because often I am someone who IS private messaging potential fosters/adopters HOWEVER, if you have no way of verifying who this person is and, in particular, if they are with a rescue, do not blindly trust them. Be sure to fill out three applications regardless of who contacts you and do not assume that what you read on the threads from “do-gooders” is accurate or true. An animal is only safe once it is listed as such on the UrgentPart2 page OR if you receive direct confirmation from a rescue that the dog/cat has been pulled for you.
  4. If there is a phone number either on the Facebook page or on the rescue’s website, call it. Better to be persistent than to sit back and hope.
  5. Lastly, do not update the threads with every little contact you have with the rescues. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to save these animals and we are never 100% certain that we will have our request fulfilled (someone may beat us to it, or they may be returned to owner, etc.). Human nature is such that when we get nervous, we want to share what is going on with everyone but this only adds fuel to the frenzy. Moreover, if someone was to post that a dog/cat was being pulled by a rescue, without having final confirmation that the pull was a success, the dogs/cats life could be in jeopardy as most people will move on to the next animal in need assuming that this one is taken care of. This is how animals die at the shelter. In short: Once you are working with a rescue, STAY OFF THE THREADS.