Speaking of kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection, how do I handle that? Some animals will come to you sounding worse than others. URI’s tend to get worse upon exertion and therefore it is recommended that you keep your new pet quiet as they recover. This should not be too difficult given that you are following the Two Week Shutdown but know that if your new pet gets over excited, their coughing may increase. If you do not have any other animals, all you will need to do is be sure to give your new pet their required medicine each day (usually twice per day with a meal).

If you have other pets, you will need to keep them separated at least for a few days until the antibiotic kicks in and they are showing signs of recovery. Again, if you are following the Two Week Shut Down, you will likely be doing this already. Regardless, just like with kids, the more your dog’s/cats interact with each other, the more likely they will be to infect one another. No one is going to die over this but they will get the sniffles and feel pretty crummy, resulting in your having to go to the vet to get more medicine.

Of course, if you notice that your new pet is getting worse, having a problem breathing, wheezing, lethargic, call/go to the vet right away. They could be sick with something else, like pneumonia that requires more acute treatment. (For our fosters: call us first please unless it is an emergency that requires urgent care.)