This is very important. Most animals will come to your home with an upper respiratory infection (in dogs it is called kennel cough). They will be sent to your home with a 10-day course of antibiotics, usually doxycycline, which will help to clear things up. Don’t panic over this – this is the equivalent of a human cold and while contagious to your other animals (not to humans), most people avoid the spread of this upper respiratory infection, by keeping their animals separated for the first few days and not sharing water bowls for at least a week or two. Many report that even with minimal contact, their current healthy pets did not catch it. Unless you have a very young or very old medically-fragile pet, the URI should not develop past a “cold” and is not a reason to NOT adopt.

However, if you find that your new pet has some additional ailment CONTACT THE RESCUE RIGHT AWAY. They can guide you on next steps and, specifically for our foster parents, we will provide approval for and work with your vet before any medical procedure or visit is conducted.