Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs posts the nightly “kill list” to their wall at 6 pm each day. Euthanasia starts the following day at 12PM. Dogs and cats selected for this list are said to be those who are sick (usually upper respiratory infection), aggressive, senior and/or otherwise deemed difficult to adopt. Many of the animals on this list have very good behavior ratings but due to being “sick” they are subject to being killed less they infect the “entire population at the shelter”.

Dogs and cats in the Super Urgent folder are those animals who’ve either been on the TBD list” before and are still alive for the moment OR those who need urgent placement for health/age reasons. After a dog hits the TBD list once, they can be killed at any time and without further notice.

Dogs and cats in the Urgent folder are deemed healthy, with no apparent issues at the moment but may find themselves on either of the above two lists as their circumstances change.