Every rescue has an application process, one that, more often than not, requires a home visit. Home visits are critical in the evaluation of a potential adopter and/or foster as the rescue is responsible for the care and well-being of every animal that they pull from the shelter. We must know that the animals we are rescuing are going to a safe, balanced home where they will be treated as a cherished member of the family, kept safe and respectfully cared for. The last thing we or they want is to find our rescued dogs/cats back at the shelter or worse. We rely on volunteers (usually other fosters/adopters) from our rescue to conduct these visits and do not have the resources to perform home visits outside of the proximity where our current volunteers reside.

We also need to ensure that IF there was a problem, be it with a foster OR adopted dog, that we have the means and transport ability to get the dog into another of our homes in short order. This is made almost impossible if we were to adopt/foster out dogs beyond a reasonable driving radius.