Our Saving Statistics
Ever wanted to know how many dogs we save per year? Whether those dogs were puppies, middle aged, or seniors? Well now you can!

We've started tracking our data using Maddie's Fund, so we can better know where we've been, where we're at now, and how we can improve on saving more dogs!
Beginning Court Intakes '16
Animal Intake '16
Stray At Large 0
Relinquished By Owner 3
Owner Intended Euthanasia 0
Transferred In 187
Other Intakes 26
Total Intakes 216
Animal Outcomes (Live) '16
Adoption 197
Returned to Owner 0
Transferred Out 16
Returned to Field 0
Other Live Outcome 8
Subtotal Live Outcomes 221
Other Outcomes '16
Died in Care 2
Lost In Care 0
Shelter Euthanasia 0
Owner-Intended Euthanasia 0
Subtotal Other Outcomes 2
Total Outcomes '16
Total Outcomes 228
Data provided by Maggie's Fund Exported PDF: 2016

Lifesaving Percentages (2016)

Our lifesaving percentage represents the number of animals being saved by our organization. Due to the different methods of calculating our save rates, we've used a few!
According to Asilomar Live Release Rate, our save rate is: 97.7%
According to Asilomar LITE Live Release Rate, our save rate is: 96.9%
According to ASPCA Live Release Rate, our save rate is: 94.7%
According to Save Rate, our save rate is: 100%